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  • Apr 2014
    Studio Schiattarella hosted a delagation of Chinese Architects.. Read more


  • Mar 2014
    ADDIRIYAH ART CENTER COMPETITION published on “www.architects24.com”
    Read more…


  • Mar 2014
    ADDIRIYAH ART CENTER COMPETITION published on “Il Sole 24 ore”. Read more


  • Jan 2014
    Studio Schiattarella wins 
     ADDIRIYAH ART CENTER COMPETITION _first prizeRead more…


  • 15th Dec 2013
    Spanish archeology school works completed

Studio Schiattarella, since 1970, is a progressive and innovative firm with a strong commitment to serving client and user needs.The firm is very closely attuned to the needs of the marketplace and is adept in making architectural judegements in support of good business practice. Studio Schiattarella has been recognized with numerous awards for architectural design. Our work has been shown in number of public exhibitions and published many times in Europe and Overseas.


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